Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Facebooking the World!

Discovered Facebook in the interim since my last posting, and have been going FB crazy! As a result this ol' blog's been kinda neglected. Then again, I can't say much has shifted in the world scene since my previous remarks, except to pretty much bear them out. Still, one can hope it's early yet, and that some things might start showing signs of turning around before the year's out.

Oh, and about Gemstone…I think we've seen the end of classic Disney comics in the US, at least for a while. Still doing some things for Egmont Creative, so I'm keeping my hand in with Disney comics as such, but it's still nothing like the heady days of Gladstone (especially Gladstone I, as everyone likes to call the first phase). Maybe things will turn around, but at the moment I can't summon much hope in that.

On the less grisly side, I've discovered two new authors (new to me, that is): Sherman Alexie and Diana Wynne Jones. The first is the first modern author I've read in ages, and the first American Indian writer I've ever read ever, while the latter does stuff that anyone going through Harry Potter withdrawal ought to like.