Monday, February 2, 2009

Up To Now

It's been very quiet these past several weeks, so I've had nothing to offer here of late. Oh sure, there's the new Prez, but what can I say that hasn't been said by bloggers far faster on their feet than I'll ever be. He's in, he's knucklin' down, he's bangin' his cabinet and agenda into shape, we'll see what happens.

The Market continues to blunder like a blind three-legged elephant towards some end that may be difficult to particularize but is bound to be anything but pretty. Meanwhile economic pundits lament the unwillingness of cash-strapped consumers to spend themselves into further ruin to keep this economy that has unabashedly betrayed them shored up. Did they not get the memo? Elvis has left that building, guys!

But hey, the Cardinals did a-okay against the Steelers yesterday, making it one Super Bowl I was glad I actually watched. And the add with Alec Baldwin took the prize for best commercial bar none.

Well, now for a round of Pocket Tanks. Night.