Saturday, August 16, 2008

Woe In ITLand

My wife has been the victim of more than her share of computer related headaches over the past year. First the battery in her PowerBook Titanium G4 fizzled, and the replacement I ordered worked for a while and then fizzled just as thoroughly as its predecessor. Our local Mac tech said there's nothing wrong with the computer, we just need to get a battery that seats properly. Since Apple no longer makes the batteries (and charges a fortune for back stock items), we're left to take another stab at a third party unit with no real confidence it'll do the trick.

Next came the failure of the battery in her APC UPS. This is not such a problem, there are plenty of options for replacement, but it's still annoying.

Now, as she has reported on her blog, Color and Caffeine, her PowerMac dual processor G5 tower has gone on the fritz and is in hospital. I'm confident The Beast will be back up and running anon, but I don't blame her for feeling rather perturbed by this run of tech misfortune.

While we have been using Macs since late 1992, and this is by far the worst spate of trouble we've had in all that time, it does make me wonder, now that she's had her three bad strokes…am I next?